Client Frequently Asked Questions 

Following are the common questions clients have concerning the escorts, appointments, invoicing and payment policies and procedures, and other topics. If you have questions not answered here, you are encouraged to call Crown Escorts (Agency) and speak with a staff member.

Understanding Terms and Processes

Question: Are the images of the escorts appearing in the online gallery accurate pictures of the Agency escorts?

Yes, the images you see online are real and accurate pictures of the escorts working for Crown Escorts. Each courtesan who is selected to work for our Agency goes through a lengthy interview process, during which our staff assesses her personal characteristics and whether she meets our high quality standards. Once selected, the escort goes through an extensive training process which ensures she is fully prepared to provide quality services to refined gentlemen per our requirements. Only after completing the training is her image and information added to the online image gallery.

Question: Why are the faces of the escorts hidden in the online images?

The faces of the courtesans are blurred in order to protect the privacy of the escorts and the clients who take escorts on public dates or to business events. Since our clients are successful gentlemen, they often attend public events where celebrities and well-known figures are present. It would not be appropriate for an escort to be recognized because her picture is on the internet, and our clients do not want anyone suspecting he is with an escort.  

In addition, the escorts want to protect their privacy because they have families, careers, and plans for the future. They do not want to risk their status, careers, and plans because they enjoy a full-time or side career as a high class courtesan. Unfortunately, despite the legality of the escort service, there are people who have misconceptions about courtesans and preconceived ideas that make them disapproving. It is best for the client and the escort to blur the faces of the escorts.

Therefore, we do not post face images of our escorts. However, once a client is approved, the gentleman can get access to the members-only webpages where the un-blurred images are made available. Becoming a member requires making a phone appointment with Crown Escorts so staff can assess the gentlemen's manner and determine his needs. Our members are an elite group of gentlemen who are successful, wealthy, and members of elite society. Our devotion to protecting the privacy of escorts and clients is just one of the many reasons that Crown Escorts is the choice of gentlemen of distinction.

Question: What do you mean by 'high quality services?'

Crown Escorts has very definite ideas as to what 'high quality' means. Though each gentlemen may have his own ideas as to the qualities of an ideal woman, we are experts at selecting courtesans who meet the highest standards in terms of beauty, style, and personality. The Agency carefully selects women with a variety of characteristics so that we can match each refined gentleman with an escort who meets his needs and preferences.

We are so certain we can provide an excellent experience that our Agency offers a 100% guarantee that each client will enjoy high quality services. A client may also request to be become a member of our escort service. This requires being a current client and meeting certain requirements. As a new client we can share several images of escorts based on your stated preferences and needs. Once you approve of the quality of our Agency's escorts, you can gain access to all of our escort images with faces not blurred and additional information.

Question: Are the Agency's companions working full-time and always available?

The courtesans at Crown Escorts are not working full-time for our Agency, nor are they necessarily available when a client would prefer. The reason is that our escorts are successful career women and university students who are living full and busy lives. They enjoy being an escort and have chosen to work for the Agency because they enjoy pleasing refined gentlemen. Clients should approach their appointments with the same perspective they would have if planning a date. Usually, but not always, the preferred courtesan will be available.

Making an Appointment with One of Our Beautiful Models

Question: How much notice must I give to book an appointment?

The escorts appreciate getting as much notice as possible when a client would like to book an appointment. We prefer at least 3-4 days advance notice but a minimum of 24 hours is requested for local dates. If the client is requesting an escort because he needs a travel companion, it is important to make the appointment 10 to 14 days in advance. This gives the escort time to prepare for the trip, including ensuring all required travel documents – like a visa or passport – are assembled. Some of our escorts are international women who come specifically to Sydney or Melbourne to meet a gentleman. They must have extra time because some of the countries have time consuming and complex travel approval procedures. You, of course, must also consider preparation time. Crown Escorts works closely with the gentleman and his chosen escort to ensure everything is in order, including the escort's schedule, flight arrangements, travel plans, and funds transfers to Crown Escorts. 

Question: What guarantees do you give concerning maintaining privacy?

Crown Escorts is exceptionally careful to keep client and escort information private. We have a reputation for discreteness which is carefully guarded. To protect a client's privacy, we have instituted a number of steps. They include encrypted and protected communications; destruction of appointment details when the appointment is completed; a requirement that all escorts and staff members sign a legal non-disclosure agreement; and strict adherence to the terms of Agreement in the Disclaimer Notice. The escorts and staff will never share or disclose information to outside or third-party sources. The escorts and staff know that disclosing client information will lead to legal action. Please read the terms of the Disclaimer Notice to get a more detailed explanation of your privacy rights and never hesitate to call us with questions. 

Rates and Fees For Our Models

Question: What is your fee schedule?

You can find the rate schedule by clicking the "Rates" link on the Crown Escorts Homepage. We have a tiered rate system which reflects an assessment of various escort factors like beauty, elegance, and sophistication. The three levels are Baroness, Duchess, and Empress, but we also reserve the right to change the schedule and fees at any time. The rates are hourly and reflect minimum charges. As the Disclaimer Notice states, there may be other fees, depending on the method of payment and the type of appointment. Credit card payments, travel appointments, and special requests can lead to additional fees, but we will work with you to minimize add-on fees. Crown Escorts is always transparent and will discuss the fees and total amount due with the client. There are no surprises concerning the amounts charged. 

Question: Do I need to pre-pay the hourly or add-on fees?

There are several situations in which Crown Escorts will ask for payment of funds in advance. These situations include making an appointment for a travel companion, extended appointment times, special requests that we are willing to accommodate, airline tickets, advance purchase of a gift for the escort upon the gentlemen's request, and so on. Advance funds are always requested for travel companions or extended appointments because the escort will need to schedule her time, preventing her from making other appointments over a period of days or weeks. Our staff does not accommodate last minute appointments in most cases because we need to assess all the requirements for a successful meeting. 

You can pay via credit or debit card, preferably in person, or by bank transfer. However, you are always welcome to pay in advance for convenience sake, even when it is not required or there are no advance funds needed. Sometimes, clients choose to pay upfront because they want the time with the escort to be just like a date and not have to worry about settling an account. Paying up front also eliminates the need to use a credit card for payment when traveling. All of our technology systems are have the highest level of security and all payment types are 100% safe. 

Question: What name appears on the invoice, payment, or bank transfer transaction?

The billing company we utilize has gone to great lengths to keep all transactions discrete. The invoice, statement, and payment transaction will not make any reference to adult services, courtesans, escorts, high class Sydney escorts, or Melbourne Companion Service. We do not make the name of the billing company public, but will tell the client the name when making an appointment so he will recognize the transaction. Our name – Crown Escorts – will not appear on invoices or payment transactions. In fact, there is no use of any terms that would indicate a dating, adult, or escort service was accessed. We do not refer to models, courtesans, dating, meetings, companionship, appointments, or anything else that might be construed as adult services. The billing company is a reputable company that strictly adheres to our requirements.

Question: When and how do I pay the escort?

Clients of Crown Escorts appreciate the fact we accept payments by credit card, as cash, or as a direct bank transfer. Gentlemen must pay the additional fees upfront in some cases, as explained earlier. However, some clients pay a retainer and keep funds on account to simplify and expedite the booking process. When funds have been placed on account for later use, a client can book an appointment with shorter notice since fee collection is completed. For clients planning a travel appointment, having a retainer on account means airlines and other arrangements can be made immediately. Clients get an itemized invoice for each appointment so there is never any doubt as to where the funds were applied or retained.

Many clients prefer to pay the courtesan directly rather than pay in advance. In that case, the escort will meet the client and then call the Agency to let a staff member know she has arrived at the client's meeting location. When the courtesan asks the client to settle the account, it means she is ready for payment. After you make payment to the escort, she will call the Agency to confirm payment has been made for the agreed upon amount. At that point, it is time to begin enjoying each other's company. It is important to pay with the kind of payment you pre-arranged with the Agency. For example, if you said you would pay with cash, then you must pay with cash. If you try to pay with a credit card, the escort will have to get authorization from us. That time is time that could have been spent beginning an exciting appointment instead of dealing with a payment re-authorization.

Question: What kind of travel expenses may be incurred?

Clients who enjoy traveling or need to attend a business or social event may decide to invite an elite escort. The total amount of travel expenses will depend on the client's travel plans. They include items like the cost of airfare or other modes of transportation, border fees, visa and passport fees, and other travel costs. Crown Escorts staff is diligent about keeping travel costs as low as possible without putting the escort in unsafe or unpleasant conditions. In all cases, our Agency staff will arrange the flight itinerary to ensure the escort leaves and arrives as planned. 

Since our clients are successful gentlemen of distinction, they are expected to provide adequate travel fees that ensure the escort travels in comfort and style and enjoys the trip as much as the client. The gentlemen will buy her food, pay for her event or venue entrance fees, order room service, pay tips, pay for comfortable modes of transportation (if ground travel is involved), and so on. Comfortable modes include taxis, limousines, private drivers, and so on. The escort will not take public transport, shop at a supermarket, cook, or perform maid duties. In other words, you must treat the escort with respect in recognition of her success and status in life. Bottom line: Treat the beautiful companion as you would treat yourself. 

Making and Enjoying Successful Appointments

Question: Where can I meet a courtesan?

The high class Sydney escorts and escorts working for the Melbourne Companion Service can meet a client at a four or five star hotel, a public venue, a private luxurious residence, or other suitable places. The escort will settle payment of the fee, and the appointment can begin. The gentlemen relying on Crown Escorts for refined companionship know they must treat the courtesan like the lady she is. That means going on a date to get to know each other. The date should be at a high-end restaurant, local event, nightclub, elegant sky bar, or any other place with a sophisticated atmosphere. You can sip cocktails, enjoy a fine dinner, attend a theater production, or enjoy each other's company on a private balcony. 

Questions: Are there appointment time limits?

The short answer is "no", there are no time limits for appointments because Crown Escorts makes appointments for a few hours, an evening, overnight, a full weekend, a full week, and a month. We can even accommodate a six-month or year-long appointment, and there is no obligation to the escort beyond the appointed time in terms of relationship building. The length of the appointment is dependent, however, on the escort's schedule and willingness to remain with the client beyond the traditional date, evening, or weekend. Our escorts are independent successful women who can choose to accept or not accept a booking for any reason. 

However, the courtesans are also with our Agency because they enjoy pleasing and pampering refined gentlemen. The client's preferred escort will do everything she can to accommodate his request. She is as excited and enthusiastic as the gentleman at the thought of enjoying time in beautiful Sydney or Melbourne, or traveling out of Australia. The escorts are often booked for weekends and vacations, and longer when there are a series of events, like business and social events, when the client is not in a relationship so has no one to accompany him.

Each escort is allowed to determine her availability for short or long appointments. However, we have certain courtesans who offer 'relationship' bookings. They are exceptionally beautiful and have schedules that enable them to accommodate requests for monthly, six-month, and yearly appointments. Any refined gentleman would be pleased to have any of our courtesans accompanying him and offering companionship. This type of arrangement is more economical than booking a different escort each time there is a business or social event.

Question: How do I cancel an appointment?

We have established time limits for cancellations because escorts carefully set aside appointment times on their schedules once booked. They turn down other requests for appointments to ensure they can meet their clients in a timely manner. It is one of our quality assurances: Your escort will arrive on time for an appointment and will remain in the client's company as agreed. We would appreciate as much notice as possible, understanding there are times when unexpected events occur. However, cancelling less than 72 hours before the appointment start time can lead to problems like forfeited airfares or event fees.

The Disclaimer Notice discusses appointment cancellations and prepaid fees in depth. Funds are held in a trust account for six (6) months for use at a later date. If they are not used within six (6) months, they are forfeited. The 100% guarantee of a no-cancellation fee applies only if there is a legitimate reason for cancelling, such as incompatibility. Otherwise, there is a cancellation fee.

Treat the escort like you would a girlfriend or close friend when it comes to cancelling a visit or a trip. This applies to local, Australian, and international appointments. Give as much notice as possible, realizing the escort has probably bypassed other appointments to be with you. You can re-book the original escort or a different escort if cancellation is necessary. If re-booking the original escort within a week of cancellation, you can request the cancellation fee, less transport or other costs related to the cancellation, be applied to the new appointment. Our staff reviews each situation on a case-by-case basis and will make a decision about use of cancellation funds based on circumstances.

General Questions About The Agency

Question: Does Crown Escorts offer in-call appointments?

Crown Escorts does not offer in-call appointments or have escorts who are on call. We carefully match a client with the most suitable beautiful courtesan. We do offer to assist busy gentlemen with hotel, reservation, and show bookings, especially if he is not familiar with Sydney or Melbourne areas and venues. Think of us as your personal concierge who is always ready to help you have an exciting experience with a stunning model.

Question: Can I contact the model before making an appointment?

Again, the short answer is "no". The escorts work with Crown Escorts because they want us to manage client communications and interactions. All the courtesans are successful women leading busy lives. They are available only by appointment. However, if there is something important that needs to be clarified or communicated to her, our staff member will be happy to do so. The advantage of this arrangement is that once you are with the escort, the two of you can concentrate on getting to know each other and just enjoying the time.

Question: What are my responsibilities as a client once the lady arrives for an appointment?

As has been repeated over and over again, the beautiful women working for Crown Escorts are refined, intelligent, talented, and successful. You have invited her to spend time with you, so she should be treated like you would treat a girlfriend or someone you are dating for the first time. Show respect; be considerate; always maintain good manners; have good hygiene; and do not ask questions about her private life. The escort has spent considerable time preparing for the appointment, making sure she looks her best and is fully ready to enjoy her time with a client. Think of the appointment like this: You want to impress her so that she feels free to be her most charming, delightful, and enthusiastic companion. 

Also, please follow our rules. For example, the escort will need to settle the payment before the appointment will start. Please be prepared to follow through with the same kind and amount of payment as agreed upon with our staff. It is important to read the Disclaimer Notice and the Escort Services webpages because they fully explain our policies and procedures. As a reminder, always treat the escort with full respect and honor her privacy. You should not pry into her personal life, ask inappropriate questions, ask for her phone number, or request a date that does not go through the Agency. If you choose to do any of these things, Crown Escorts assumes no liability or responsibility for consequences. 

Becoming a Regular Client 

Question: How can I join Crown Escorts as a member?

Gentlemen are only allowed to become members of Crown Escorts when they have had two or three successful appointments with courtesans. A successful appointment is one in which the escort gives a positive assessment of the experience, and the client is fully satisfied with his experience. When ready to become an established long-term client, simply call the Agency or send us an email to request an invitation to become a member.

Question: How do I leave feedback?

We love to hear from our clients. Feedback can be given via a phone call, email, or our contact form. You cannot offer feedback directly to the escort, but we will certainly pass on your comments and suggestions. It is client feedback that helps us maintain our high quality standards and helps the courtesan continually improve. We also use your feedback to improve your next experience with one of the high class Sydney escorts or an escort associated with the Melbourne Companion Service.